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carmel after a mountain this israel mentioned in the bible. >> abc7 news reporter is headed to west, texas, to bring us live coverage of the plant explosion. with reports later today and tweeting updates. stay with abc7 news all morning for continuing coverage of the plant explosion. we will bring you updates throughout the newscast and on you can will for us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea for any breaking news developments around the clock. >> we have been following breaking news all morning locally from san francisco where the annual 1906 earthquake celebration was disrupted because of a suspicious package. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in union square. >> very confusing morning. that earthquake celebrate or commemoration just wrapped up
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here in union square. folks are still milling around very confusing day considering the fact that the event is usually held at the fountain on market street. that could not happen this morning because of a police action. look at video we shot moments ago, a suspicious package was discovered at market and as a precaution, market street was shut down for several blocks. bomb squad was brought in and after an hour police determined that it was not anything dangerous. because san francisco is on heightened alert because of the blast in boston, the chief was not taking any chances. >> everything is out of abundance of caution. our bomb technicians are as good as anyone in the world but we do it right. you cannot hurry this stuff. >> the suspicious package is not
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dangerous and it is not cheer -- clear what it was. market street has now re-opened. folks are enjoying soup as they did back in 1906 from city college serving that up. the commemoration has now moved back to the fountain and they are hitting the "restart" button and everyone has marched to the fountain where the commemoration of the 1906 earthquake can resume. >> before you get away they are doing it twice, right? once at union square and once at the fountain? >> essentially now that the street is open the director said, let's do it right at the fountain and do how we have been doing it for 100 years.
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two commemorations. >> san francisco police are investigating after they shot and killed a man accused of stabbing his own brother-in-law in portrero hill neighborhood near 22nd. the suspect called 9-1-1 to report the stabbing at 9:45. police got there and the suspect came after them with a hammer. officers ordered the person to stop the advance and he continued the advance and an officer fired, striking the suspect, and he hit the ground. this is cooperated by independent witnesses. >> the victim suffered serious injuries to his head, arms and chest but he will survive. >> police officers could hit the streets of oakland to combat the rising crime rate. the mayor released the $1 billion budget plan yesterday that increases police staffing
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and fund four police academy forces by 700 officers by 2015 and calls for ending planned library closures with rebounding tax revenue are helping cover the staffing increases. >> the latest now on the boston bombings, officials using surveillance video are reporting significant progress in the search for the person or persons who set off the two bombs at the boston marathon. there is new information this morning making officials confident they can find this killer but today is about grieving. at this church president obama and the first lady will come here to try to comfort the heart broken city. >> three daze after terror, a grieving city tries to heal. president obama and the first lady will join the boston
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residents at a service dedicated to victims of the marathon attack. >> they will remember those killed, 8-year-old martin richard, 29-year-old krystle campbell and a native of china and pray for the 200 people who were injured include those still in the hospital. also, a major break in the investigation. authorities believe they now have a clear image of suspected bomber. the f.b.i. is examining photographs including some taken at a lord & taylor store showing a man near the finish line using a cell phone with a black back strapped across his chest. >> if the f.b.i. has a face from surveillance video at lord & taylor or local television they could be able to use facial recognition software to run that face against databases. >> in addition, as are examining debris in the remains of a pressure cooker record at the crime scene.
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>> they will be able to identify the items down to, perhaps, the type of bag, the type of accelerant, the type of detonator, all that becomes extremely important in a trial if you can match those items to a suspect. >> the president will not just talk about the victims but he will discuss the first responders and some of the heroes from the marathon. >> we have been talking about how president obama will speak in boston. right now this is a live picture of marine i at joint base andrews and what three is doing is he and mrs. obama will be boarding air force one to head to logan airport in boston scheduled arrival at 7:00 our time this morning so well see if they stick to that schedule but you saw the live picture, obviously he will speak this later in boston and our anchor
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-- well we will show you now what is happening with the marine walking out of marine i. >> the president will follow shortly and we apologize for the picture here, the cleaning of the lens but he will transfer here from this helicopter to air force one for the trip to boston and the come peoplation and to mark the event with people in boston and we will follow the story and bring you more as details become available. >> we are talking about the reports from boston from our reporter there. >> yes, as you just said, there is our prior to and she will give us an update in 20 minutes. now the weather. mike? >> good morning, we will start with live doppler 7 hd and you will notice how dry it is spiking -- picking up the dry air. everyone is asking, when are they going away? today is the day they go away.
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we debt back -- get back to normal wind. napa is ten-mile-per-hour wind, and everyone else is five or down to calm conditions. we starting off at 50 degrees and warm to near 70 by noon and 73 with total sunshine this afternoon and 64 for the evening plan. inland neighborhoods, we are cool and calm at 44 and 69 at noon and upper 70's at 4:00 and 70 is the temperature so a pleasant at 7:00 and the coast is cool in the upper 30's hanging out in the low-to-mid 60's for the afternoon and make showers or take the pictures of the gorgeous sunset and send them to us. it will be 60. we have a sig-alert and this is in dublin with a sky seven h.d. over the scene and if we can go do that i will show you a live look at what is going on and for now i will take you to the map. shear a live look of the two
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lanes getting you by moving from westbound 580 before you get to 680, this is causing a huge traffic jam with sky 7 tracking the track backed to the central valley. you are look at at least one hour and 15 minutes to drive from the central valley through livermore and police -- pleasanton to dublin. we will traffic this all morning. the alternate would be dublin boulevard. >> we will keep a close eye on westbound 580 but a slow commute there at 6:12. monitoring the breaking news from the town of west texas following a fiery explosion at a fertilizer plant with new details coming up. >> help for struggling homeowners with a big check awaiting some folks after multibillion dollar settlements. >> drawing in the non-coffee drinkers and a line beverages
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drinkers and a line beverages that could come todays of walkig
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>> we continue to follow breaking news from texas following last night's deadly blast at a fertilizer plant 20 miles from waco. officials believe between five and 15 people have been killed. the number of injured climbing
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toward 200 and maybe above, between 50 and 75 hopes -- homes were leveled. police are searching for survivors door do door but structural damage and dangerous ammonia fumes have slowed down the search. it was the equivalent of a 2.1 magnitude earthquake felt 50 miles away. >> presidents of homeowners are receiving checks to settle a $3.6 billion lawsuit against major banks. after all of the struggles many of the checks bounced. 4.4 million home owners get compensation if part of the abuses by mortgage companies. 13 companies reached a settlement and checks just started going out but many say the banks would not cash them. >> starbucks is testing out a few new products at several seattle locations including
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spice root bear, gyp jury -- ginger ale and lemon ale. a blogger says that it was created as they would a coffee done in a shaker with water and a few ingredients and a blast of co2, and are tested and they may not actually make it to national locations. starbucks is looking for a way to get into the soft drink market. not everyone drinks coffee. i don't understand it personally. working our shift you need the coffee. >> you want to stay hydrated as you work out in the coming days because we will sizzle. >> very warm, almost summer-like. in oakland over the next seven days, temperatures can top out in the low-to-mid 80's monday, tuesday, of next week and hover in the upper 70's through wednesday so it will be warmer-than-average temperatures.
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we start with live doppler 7 hd and show you dry air and high pressure that has a firm grip on us. it is bringing the temperatures in the 40's but san francisco is 51 and antioch is 57 and half moon bay at 37 degrees. fremont this morning is 45 degrees and san carlos is 48 and oakland and mountain view is 46 and napa is 46 and novato is flea. building warmth and relaxing wind signatures of high pressure. clear and mild nights ahead. this morning is a colder morning and a warmer and more dry and extended day in oakland dealing with that. that is a look so we will move on and talk about temperatures that will be three to eight degrees warmer-than-average. here is a look at the area of high pressure dominating our weather. that is keeping the jet stream north of us. we have potential of energy
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through tomorrow bringing a few clouds to the coast and a few clouds inland holding our pattern of warming for a day. the high pressure will then surge and it will be warmer through the weekend and into next week. mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay with 76 in san jose and up the peninsula low-to-mid 70's and delightful day. low-to-mid 60's along the coast with upper 60's in downtown, south san francisco, sausalito, 70, but mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay veil and low 60's at your beaches and low-to-mid 70's along the east bay with oak the warm spot at 75 and mid to upper 70's in the east bay valley. the temperatures are the same tomorrow and we are near 90 monday, tuesday, and wednesday next week inland and low-to-mid 80's around the bay and mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> as we take a look from sky 7 over this accident a sig-alert
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is on westbound 580 before you get to 680, this is a double rig and a big rig tow arrived on the scene an injury accident due to the big rig and it hit another car, trapped another person inside that car and injuries were involved. there are two lanes getting you by and traffic is jammed as you come from the central valley. the sig-alert is in effect until further notice. just starting to get things hitched up and it will take a long-term to clear. avoid it at all costs. coming from the central valley, a quick look over the a pat, you -- over the altamont pass, you are down to 14 miles per hour so give yourself plenty of extra time headed out the door. >> still ahead, leave the cash at home. michael finney shows us the newest ways to pay at t
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>> welcome back to the traffic center. we have a sig-alert in dublin, westbound 580. two lanes are opened before you get to 680 all due to a big rig crash with a huge backup with more details state ahead. eric? >> "consumer reports" is partnered with 7 on your side
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for ways to way at the register. michael finney has a look at some of the ways to pay. >> good morning, everyone. over the last year, more and more people are paying if stuff by waving, sliding, or tapping their smartphone. more and more apps offer different ways to pay. they are called digital wallets. "consumer reports" looked at several to see if you can leave your wallet at home. >> how without like to pay? >> she is paying using a free application of square wallet, that app leaves the credit card which is very con season cent the. >> i hate carrying a last things and i find i have my phone on me so it is simple. >> starbucks is the hundreds of thousands of businesses across the nation that signed up for square wallet which is compatible with a number of iphone and droid models and "consumer reports" money advisor says that it is easy to use.
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other digital wallets are not as widely accessible. >> google wallet is not available on iphone and only work with some service providers. they require a wireless technology that only some stores can use. >> some apps only link with a few credit cards so you may need to link to a prepaid card which can incur additional fees. that may mean you don't have the best protection if you lose your phone or someone breaks in to your account. >> prepaid cards whether in your hand or on your phone have no guaranteed protection against unauthorized transaction sow could lose whatever balance is on the cards. >> if, like her, you like to leave the wallet at home security is best when it is linked with a credit card. >> report a lost phone or suspicious activity to the credit card company right away. of course, inform your cell
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phone carrier so they can disable the phone. >> still ahead at 6:30 we have breaking news from texas on the devastating explosion that flattened a fertilizer plant. >> we will go to texas for the latest on efforts to fine missing residents after the fiery blast. >> three men robbed this macy's while it was open. find out what they did next. >> a live look from sutro tower a high definition picture with temperatures today three to eight degrees warmer-than-average and we are just in the 70's but i have some 80's to nearly 90 degree temperatures in the seven-day outlook. >> signature alert in dublin is hampering the we drive from central valley. metering lights are on on the bay bridge with the details in
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abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> first the fire. then a powerful explosion ripped through a fertilizer plant in a
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small texas town leveling homes for miles. this morning, daylight is giving rescuers a look at the devastation. thanks for joining us on thursday at 6:29. officials are holding a news conference right now with the latest on the blast. at least three firefighters are among the dead and three to four others are missing and unknown number of people are still trapped in the rubble and several fires are still smoldering. police have had a problem with looters in the blast area. this is happening in the town of west, texas, 20 miles from waco. the massive explosion and fire at a fertilizer plant in west, texas, left flames leaping in the night sky. the blast could be heard if miles. it registered as an earthquake because it was so strong. there were 180 injuries and numerous deaths.
6:28 am
(inaudible). there was shrapnel flying everywhere. (inaudible). >> the explosion leveled up to 75 to 100 homes and businesses around the laboratory. officials are going home to home looking for victims. >> the most devastating thing that has happened to this community, a big old cut we have across our heart. >> the blast damaged the nursing home forcing evacuation of 130 patients. >> some were in wheelchairs and others were trapped in their rooms. authorities set up a triage center on the football field of the school but concerns of chemicals or another explosion forced officials to gather at another school. >> devastating. our house is destroyed. i was standing outside on the street watching the flames when
6:29 am
the explosion hit. >> the city mayor says there is in longer concern of a second possible explosion. no answers on what caused it but a team from the chemical safety board is on the way to help in the investigation. >> the blast shook the earth so hard it measured as a 2.1 magnitude seismic event and was felt 400 miles away or registered 400 miles away. the first burst of energy were the ground waves and the second was from the sound waves traveling through the air. we have new images from the moments after the explosion an amateur picture showing the huge fireball that rose like a mushroom cloud into the air from the fertilizer plant. >> back here, menlo park fire chief has extensive experience in dealing with
6:30 am
search-and-rescue operations after disasters world wide and spoke with us of the challenges the rescue teams face. >> trying to find out who was in the homes they have, i could see the rebel area in close proximity to the site and fortunately if you can call it fortunate, the cool that is almost next door to this site was empty at 8:00 at night so they caught a break there but, again, they will have a significant secondary operation that will last days in terms of large area of search. >> officials say it will be and time before they know exactly how many people were killed in the explosion. abc7 news reporter is headed to the town west, texas, to bring us live coverage of the plant explosion and the live reports begin later today on abc7 news and she will tweet updates for us. >> stay with abc7 news all morning long for continuing coverage of the plant explosion and we will bring you updates throughout this newscast and on
6:31 am and physical us -- follow us on twitter. >> people are gathered outside a church in boston where president obama will be speaking this morning in an hour and a half. businesses near the explosion sites starting to re-open while investigators work to zero in on the bomber. our news anchor is in boston with the latest. another morning here in boston after a confusing day yesterday we had heard there was an arrest of a suspect and the suspect would be taken to the federal courthouse. the report turned out fought to be true but you can see all the people who showed up at court house this was a bomb square. police evacuated the building. the people are doing their best to get back to their free tune,
6:32 am
doing what they normally do but it is difficult to see the barricades and the national guard and the police and the f.b.i. knowing what happened here. >> bone chilling and disturbing to know we walk there all the time and you are fine and next you know you have bombings going on. that is not okay. this is boston. of all places! >> this is boston and any are boston strong. we are seeing signs all over the city and the girls left flowers at at the scene, figure to help. that is there little way of showing the city their support. a lot of people trying to get back to normal. people have coffee and they are going back to work and doing everything to say they will not let this stop them from living their lives.
6:33 am
>> abc7 news will break in to programming when the president visits boston speaking after 8:00 am our time. abc7 news will continue to report on latest developments in post with more reports from boston throughout the day. we will treat live updates for you, as well. >> now a check on the forecast. >> it will be a beautiful, sunny start. >> it is cooler than yesterday. we talked about the winds decoupled allowing the dry air to cool and now we do not have to worry about the wet weather. the winds are ten miles per hour in napa as fast as they get, quite a change from yesterday. as we talk about temperatures, we are in the 40's in most areas and pittsburg at 53 and the financial district is 51 and 37
6:34 am
at half moon bay. 67 to 76 with highs climbing above average around the bay and low-to-mid 60's at the coast and mid-to-upper 70's inland. >> on this friday eve we are looking at clear conditions across the bay area but where the story is, along the 580 freeway. as you head westbound before you get to 680 because of a sig-alert, a crash involving a big rig carrying a double player crashing into another car. this is blocking all but two lanes and causing a huge headache if you come out of 9 central valley. you are right out of tracy looking at 15 miles per hour over the altamont pass and that speed dips down quite a bit. outside on the san mateo bridge it is moving along out there. >> 6:37. >> still ahead, pausing to remember, we will tell you about a first at the tribute to the great 19306 san francisco earthquake and fire.
6:35 am
>> as well as a live look at the san mateo bridge, leyla is monitoring this and the sig-alert at
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breaking news from san francisco where the annual 1906 earthquake celebration was disrupted because of a suspicious package. the bomb square forced organizers to move the service to union square. the scene is now cleared with the suspicious package being nothing dangerous. organizers want back to the fountain for a proper service of the 1906 earthquake. for the first time survivors will not attend. they decided to sleep in. >> there are three remaining known survivors, two died the past year and they will lay wreaths today to honor them. that event continuing today and we will keep you posted on that. also, the weather out this, you will notice it is gorgeous. >> start of a gorgeous day. >> beautiful sunrise. but first the pollen count, there is no relief ahead. a beautiful sunrise from sutro tower to mount diabolo the sun
6:39 am
is reflecting off the calmer waters. temperatures are from three degrees warmer in san francisco to 15 in san jose. as far as the day, high pressure is dominating the neighborhoods with upper 70's through the central valley and los angeles and 57 today in tahoe and of 64 and sunshine in monterey. leyla gulen? >> going on 6:42 and sky 7 was over the accident. a sig-alert took place right at the 688 junction with 580. we have only two lanes open and we have a very nasty scene, a double trailer big rig that crashed in another car and pinned a person in the car is we have injuries. traffic is absolutely packed coming from the central valley. it is now an hour and a half driver to head out of tracy to dublin boulevard which is a good alternate. you want do give yourself plenty
6:40 am
of extra time. >> look at that! amazing. >> an update on the explosion at a texas fertilizer laboratory after the break. >> trading is underway on wall street and we will go to the new york stock exchange with jane king. >> first a daring jewelry heist at an east bay mall and what police are looking for after they target a macy's store wh
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>> officials are wrapping up a news conference with the latest on the deadly fertilizer explosion in the town of west, texas, 80 miles south of dallas. three firefighters are among the 5- to 15-per -- people believed dead with more trapped in rubbles and fires are still smoldering. there is now a problem with loters in the blast area. >> "good morning america" will be live from west, texas, with the latest. josh has a look at what is coming up at 7:00. >> good thursday morning with were more on the breaking news from texas. a massive explosion at a giant fertilizer plant outside of waco has injured hundreds. a frantic search continues for
6:44 am
firefighters caught in the inferno. we are live from the seen with all the breaking details. that is next, right here on "good morning america" ahead. >> that is in 14 minutes. concord police are searching for three robbers who committed a stunning smash-and-grab robbery at the sun valley mall while shoppers were still milling around. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the mall. >> it was bold. it was planned. they got the jewelry. they got away. it happened at sun valley mall in concord. the store was still open last night at 8:45 and three men broke on the jewelry case at macy's with a hammer and stole jewelry wearing jackets and hoods so they do not have a description. they got away in a toyota camera which was found by police in pleasant hill. it was abandoned.
6:45 am
the devote had been stolen. they presume that they got in another car. got away. they don't know what that car looked like. no one was hurt. it was quick. it was planned out. they are still looking for the men. >> time for business news apple shares drop on concern that iphone sales could be slow down. >> college students could be headed your way for high-paying internshipped. >> we were not paid when we were interns. jane king is live from the new york stock exchange. >> maybe jane was king. >> me, neither. college credit is all i got. after people. is losing its shine with the supplier of audio chips hinting sails of the iphone are not so hot with the shares the lowest since december of 2011 and losing ground today at $2 lower and at $400 a share.
6:46 am
the market its look like this, calmer than what we have seen through the week with the dow down but only by five points. the silicon valley index is trading lower at half a percent. the job market is getting on its feet and those on the hunt looking to land a job relying on smartphone and today linked in developing a major overall to the mobile app and it will be easy for the millions of users to look at job openings taylored for what you look for with better personalization options and in silicon valley the internships are in longer on wall street but the "los angeles times" says tech and oil companies dominate the highest-paying internships and a silicon valley company specializing in computing has interns taking over $6,700 home a month. >> and a poll finds that a third of women would rather rely on a
6:47 am
husband than be financially independent. that is from the new york stock exchange from jane king. >> thank you son. >> you guys like to rely on your wives if you could, right? >> we have learned we don't understand women, we have learned a lot about men and women today. >> those are just broad brush strokes. not to be applied to individuals such as yourself. now turning it over to the weather and mike. >> thank you. a warming trend and we will move on and focus on san jose just because i want to show you what is going on the next seven days. look how warm it will be. very summer-like temperatures. today is a cooler day at 76 degrees -- rather, that is tomorrow. but it is an indication of what is ahead. very quiet and dry this morning.
6:48 am
from emeryville back to sutro tower we see the gorgeous morning. a few clouds are possible tomorrow as a weak backgroundry moves through and high clouds for most of us holing the warming pattern but when it comes back it will come back with a vengeance. high pressure as omega shape to it and when you get that, it means it is locked in and will not move. with a clockwise flow it will move the storms to the most and we have a dry and warmer pattern developing. temperatures today are san jose at 76 like tomorrow and 65 in santa clara and sunnyvale to mountain view to palo alto down to 72 and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito is 70 but the north bay valley in the
6:49 am
mid-to-upper 70's and not bad at the beaches. a spread from 72 in hayward to 75 in oakland today and we will have upper 70's in the east bay valley. temperatures tonight are in the upper 40's to mid-50's and not so cool and look at that string of 80's and near 90 inland by monday and 80's monday and tuesday of next week and the coast you go to for relief. have a great day. >> we get you back to dub lip with a sig-alert in affect before 680 due to a big rig accident. look at the backup, you are seeing absolute packed conditions and you are at a standstill as you try to make your drive from the central valley with a 2 1/2 hour drive ahead of you out there. on the wa ze app a picture was taken by a wazer and we can see how that traffic is not moving along, it is packed.
6:50 am
this will have to be moved. you can track your own traffic at apple app and google play. >> five things to know before you go. >> the only news returns in 60
6:51 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know. the 1906 great earthquake commemoration was interrupted because of a bomb scare so the ceremony was moved because of a suspicious package but was moved back after the all clear. the suspicious package was nothing dangerous. >> number two, authorities say up to 15 people are dead and a number of injuries approaching
6:52 am
200 following a massive explosion at a fertilizer plants near waco, texas, and firefighters are among the dead. police say it is not clear how many could be trapped. >> develop news from boston, investigators say they now have clear video images of two men suspected in monday's boston marathon bombings that were so deadly. they plan to release the photos later today and they hope the public will be able to help them identify those two men seen in the video. >> those the pictures we are talking about right there. >> back here, san francisco police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in portrero hill. they shot and killed a man accuses of stabbing his brother-in-law and going after his officers with a hammer. >> conquered police are sending if three robbers who escaped after committing a stunning smash-and-grab robbery at the macy's at sun valley mall. police say the men in hoods smashed jewelry cases with a hammer, stole jewelry, and drove
6:53 am
away in a stolen car which they dipped and got in a second get away car. that is what they are looking for. they got away with jewelry. this happened with shoppers in the store because i was open at the time. >> indeed. final check on the accweather forecast. mike? >> no, traffic first, leyla gulen has a look at traffic. >> we take a check of the drive we were over a sig-alert in dublin that caused huge backups. folks, you have a 2 1/2 hour commute if you are coming out of the central valley. again, that is 2 1/2 hours to make your way from the central valley and into dublin because of the sig-alert, two lanes are blocked so the blood pressure is up out there. another thing ahead is our from the. >> temperatures are cooler this morning than yesterday and the winds are much calmer headed in the afternoon hours, you cannot worry about the wind because it
6:54 am
will subside. temperatures are warmest at 75, the warmest temperature around the bay and inland, 78, and 64 at coast. >> thank you for join us for the abc7 morning news which continues in 25 minutes during "good morning america" ahead. >> we are always open
6:55 am
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6:57 am
good morning, america. breaking news right now. a massive explosion at this giant fertilizer plant levels nearly the entire town of west, texas. the plant burning for half an hour before a catastrophic blast caught on tape by dozens of bystanders. >> i can't hear. >> cover your ears. >> the blast registers like an earthquake. hundreds injured and a frantic search now for firefighters caught in the inferno. >> we need ambulances. a bomb just went off inside here.
6:58 am
it's pretty bad. >> we are live on the scene. videos still coming in with the breaking details. the catastrophe in texas. >> announcer: from abc news, live in times square, thursday april 18th, 2013. this is "good morning america." with robin roberts and george stephanopoulos. >> and good morning, america. details streaming in all night on the devastating explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas. this stunning photo tells the terrifying story. there you see it, the kind of mushroom cloud created by a nuclear bomb. >> in fact, this is what it looked like and sounded like as it happened. >> it had the force of a small earthquake registered on the seismograph more than 400 miles away in amarillo, texas, and more concerns whether ammonia from the plant was released into the air, how far it could spread. dr. besser has been tracking that part of the story.
6:59 am
>> so much to get to. first straight to the scene, west, texas, just 20 miles north of waco and the effects of the shock wave through the entire town and steve osunsami has been on the ground all night long, steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. we are just a few miles from the explosion site and you can still feel the soot in the air. there are now reports of looting at the explosion site. we're getting a sense of the casualties this morning. . three people are dead and as many as three or four missing. they haven't ruled out that this could have been a crime. this fire raging would have been devastating enough on its own but then came this. >> are you

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